Teak Outdoor Furniture Set

Description: Bali Outdoor Furniture Set
Code: FSC-002
Material: A-Grade Teak Solid Wood
Finishing: Natural Finish
Assembly: Assembly Required for the table and chairs

Detail Items :

Quantity: 1 Piece of FSC-T002 Rectangular Double Extension Table
Size: (L: 74/106″, W: 43″, H: 29″, Weight: 155lbs)

Quantity: 10 Pieces of FSC-C002 Outdoor Dining Chair
Size: (L: 21″, W: 17″, H: 18/35″, Weight: 24lbs)

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Wooden teak garden furniture manufacturer and supplier from Indonesia. Our Teak Table and dining chairs are all constructed using mortise and tenon construction for strength and durability.


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